SWAAY is democratizing publishing for women. Our all-in-one platform provides our members with access to industry-leading editorial guidance, optimization tools, and distribution that can elevate both their content and reach. Here, at SWAAY, you are not only joining a publishing platform, you are gaining access to a community of thought-leaders who are collectively raising their voices.


Editorial guidance, publishing support, and one-on-one access to professional editors

Connect with a highly-curated network of thought-leaders, including digital workshops and mastermind conversations

Exclusive access to SWAAY’s curated community events and discounts from our brand partners

Membership BENEFITS

Editorial Guidance

Professional Editorial Guidance — Anyone can post something on the internet, but not everyone has the polish of a professional writer (yet!). That’s where SWAAY comes in. This is more than just a place to post your writing, it’s an opportunity to hone your voice with the support and guidance of YOUR own dedicated editorial team. Working one-on-one with our editors will help put your best work forward every time. We got your back!


Streamlined Publishing Process — Sharing your voice has never been easier with SWAAY’s proprietary editing dashboard. All you have to do is type up your thoughts and leave the rest to us. After editing, your work is automatically formatted into our site’s simple, polished and SEO optimized layout. Our dashboard even lets you review your article’s page views and rankings. No fuss, no mysteries, and no add-ons, all you need to worry about is your next piece!

Note from FOUNDER

Together we can #SWAAYthenarrative.

When I first decided to launch SWAAY three years ago, I had absolutely no idea how much of an impact it would have on other aspiring creators and entrepreneurs.

After competing in pageants for years, I learned firsthand the importance of authentic self-expression and confidence. In 2015, when I won Miss New York US, I finally felt like I had a platform to share my own story and elevate my voice. But I soon realized that wasn’t the case for most women.This inspired me to create SWAAY, a safe space for authentic storytelling and a community of passionate thought leaders.

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