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SWAAY is the leading platform for today’s generation of female thought leaders.

Join our exclusive self-publishing platform and become part of a community of influential women who are collectively using their voices to build their brands.


SWAAY is democratizing publishing for women.

Our all-in-one platform provides you with access to industry-leading editorial guidance, content creation and optimization tools, mentorship and resources that can elevate both your thought leadership and your industry profile. Here at SWAAY, you are not only joining a publishing platform, you are gaining access to a community of thought-leaders who are collectively raising their voices.


Are you looking to publish valuable content to boost your online brand and reputation? Here’s How SWAAY can help:

Professional editorial guidance from the SWAAY team

Safe and supportive space for self-expression and personal development

Access to a community of like-minded, professional women

Streamlined publishing process through the SWAAY platform

Personalized mentorship process and strategic guidance for content creation

Exposure to a relevant, built-in, and growing audience

Membership BENEFITS


There’s Nothing Else Like Us — SWAAY’s exclusive membership means that you can be part of a highly curated cohort of powerful, professional women, just like you! Your stories and thought leadership will appear alongside that of other influential voices.

Our unique entry editor makes it easy to write and publish your experiences, opinions, and advice with the right audience. People want to hear your voice— and we’re here to elevate it.


Streamlined Publishing Process — Optimizing your content performance has never been easier with SWAAY’s proprietary editing dashboard. All you have to do is type up your thoughts and leave the rest to us. After editing, your work is automatically formatted into our site’s simple, polished and SEO optimized layout. Our dashboard even lets you review your article’s page views and rankings. No fuss, no mysteries, and no add-ons, all you need to worry about is your next piece!


1. Is there a limit to how many articles I can self-publish as a member?

Nope! At SWAAY, we want you to share your voice in the way that works best for you — whether that means submitting content once a week, once a month, or once a year.

2. How long does it take to get published on SWAAY?

There can be up to a week of turnaround time between submitting and publication, due to editorial needs and scheduling capabilities, but we place a huge emphasis on working with our contributors one-on-one to make sure they are sharing their authentic voices at the highest level possible. This is what really sets our self-publishing platform apart, and trust us, it’s worth the wait.

3. Does SWAAY promote member content outside of their website? Social media, email, etc.

Definitely! SWAAY is your one-stop-shop for content creation, from ideation and execution to publication and promotion. We help you through strategizing and crafting your content until it’s ready to be published on the SWAAY homepage. Once your article is live, we share it on all of our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and we also promote our new members and member contributions in our weekly newsletter. If you’re interested in receiving this newsletter, you can subscribe here.

4. Can I republish my SWAAY content elsewhere?

Absolutely, at SWAAY we’re here to support you on your own content creation journey, whether that means publishing everything on SWAAY, on your blog, or anywhere else online. It’s your content, so it’s your choice where it’s published. All we ask is that you link back to the original article on SWAAY wherever you publish it elsewhere, but whether or not you do that is still up to you!

Meet Some Of Our

SWAAY Community Members

SWAAY brings together an unparalleled network of thought leaders and influencers. Our community is comprised of bold entrepreneurs, activists, experts, C-suite executives, speakers, business coaches, athletes, and entertainers on a mission to build their brands and #swaaythenarrative

Note from FOUNDER

Together we can #SWAAYthenarrative

When I first decided to launch SWAAY three years ago, I had absolutely no idea how much of an impact it would have on other aspiring thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

As a former scientist turned "beauty queen" turned media-tech entrepreneur, I have learned that tapping into my personal story and publishing thoughtful content consistently helped me establish credibility and build trust in my industry despite the many pivots in my career. At a time when we have fewer opportunities to interact face-to-face with our communities, it's even more critical to build trust and presence in the digital environment. Thought leadership can bridge that gap. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, expert, consultant, or executive, publishing thoughtful and valuable content is an essential way to gain a competitive advantage and grow your digital brand. But finding our voices and crafting our own content strategy can be a tedious process.

This inspired me to create SWAAY, a service-oriented media brand and publishing platform helping women find their voices, build their brands, and publish their thought leadership.

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We’re on a mission to make it easy to write and publish your experiences, opinions, and expertise to the right audience. People want to hear your voice — we’re here to amplify it.

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